Food Networks at Summer school of World Food System Center/ ETH

Food Networks was invited to be the case-study for this years Summer School of the World Food System Center (WFSC)/ ETH in Rheinau, Switzerland. This is the second consecutive year, first in summer school 2017, that we have been engaged with WFSC. 30 young academic students from around the world went, during three days between 29-31 August 2019, through a design-thinking process to reflect and prototype solutions for the Food Networks in Mértola/ Portugal, Nepal and BachserMärt/Switzerland. We are absolutely impressed about the dedication and the collective spirit of these wonderful young people.

Four questions that the students worked during the summer school are:

What can we do to factor in the social aspects of price in sustainable regional food network? (2 groups)

What could we do to make it more attractive for young people to stay in rural areas ov er the long term? (1 group)

What tools and models could help us build communities around food, considering food as common good? (1 group)