Food Networks – Evening for Co-Creators in Zürich

On Tuesday, 27 August 2019, more than 50 engaged participants followed our invitation to come together and share experiences from the Food Networks Mértola Portugal, BachserMärt Switzerland, The Bazaar Nepal and Sojevë, Kosovo.

This is, what a Food Network is all about: Building roundtables that enable relationships and trust. We were impressed to listen to the collective experiences and passion in the room to work towards food as a collaborative common. 

We tasted bread from acorn flour and organic prickly-pear jam from the Food Network Mértola. we had a dinner from the, a wonderful initiative at the social gastronomy hub in Zurich.

How do we get well set-up so that we are prepared to make the change? What is my gift that I can bring to make the vision of Food Networks become real? We reflected, while listening to life-music from

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