Regional FoodNetworks in response to Mediterranean agricultural and climate challenges

On Friday 4th the “Food Network Mértola” could be presented at the meeting “Implementation of a Local Food Network”, which was part of the DIVERCROP project, an international research project that aims at understanding the interactions between current dynamics of the Mediterranean agricultural practices, species diversity and local food systems at multiple spatial scales.

This interactive session, promoted by ICAAM – University of Évora, brought together researchers, farmers, municipality authorities and local entities was intended to reflect, jointly, on the potential and pre-conditions of a local food network, in order to ensure a food proximity, healthy, clean of chemical inputs, socially and environmentally responsible.

Food Network of Mértola is a multi-stakeholder initiative, which is, amongst other entities and partners, promoted by The Municipality of Mértola. It aims collaborations between farmers and with school canteens. This is an important pre-condition for farmers to work in organic or regenerative practices. Continuous training and awareness raising of the local community for the strengthening of local food production and consumption of proximity, that will give impulses for the small local economy and guarantors of a healthier and more sustainable diet.

Photo credit: Camara Municipal de Mértola