THE BAZAAR / Sarvaguna, Nepal


We connect organic farms and smallholders in the border regions with customers in Pokhara, the second most important city in Nepal. Managed by THE BAZAAR Agriculture Cooperative, we provide market facilities including logistics,sales to the member farmers and organize weekly farmers market. It has more than 1300 smallholders associated in the network.
The cooperative provides technical expertise including trainings in organic farming  (at there Saathi Bio Farm, a model permaculture farm) and financial services to the farmers. THE BAZAAR was initiated in November 2010 by Development Voyage Pvt. Ltd., a partner company of our cooperative.

Production, Kitchen, Catering, Dual VET
Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen is a social business. It delivers good food* to public/private institutions where mass of consumers eat food such as schools and hospital canteens. It brings awareness in consumers regarding good, healthy, sustainable food that is local, farm to the table food. It offers vocational education and training to young people and offer jobs to underprivileged and marginalised.