Food Networks

Food Networks

 Local Networks

BachserMärt Switzerland

Thirty years of maintaining relationships, round tables with farmers and customers, promoting manufactories, training apprentices and create real values between urban and rural Switzerland.

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Connecting organic farms and smallholders in the border regions of Nepal with customers in Pokhara. Providing healthy regional food for school canteens and hospitals.

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Mértola Portugal:

Developing solutions beyond desertification, such as regenerative and syntropic agriculture to supply the local market and collective restoration canteens with healthy local, organic food.

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Sojevë, Kosovo:

Processing, such as drying, of organic fruits, vegetables and mushrooms allows small-scale farmers and secondary producers to gain access to market and secure fair prices for their products.

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Initiate your own Food Network

We believe in real food as collaborative common.

Food is a powerful opportunity to re-connect with nature and community.

This is, why we co-create and facilitate the on-the-ground processes in our partner regions to allow regional food-networks to emerge.

“We can change a village and society through food, as food is the basis of every community”.